Venaticus Collection

For more than 30 years Venaticus Collection has been publishing a small number of high quality limited edition prints of carefully selected paintings of working dogs. The majority of the original works have been bought for the purpose, then cleaned or restored as necessary. Access to other works has been agreed on terms with owners.

Much care is taken to ensure colour reproduction faithful to the original paintings, and the imprint has become known thereby as a specialist source of reproductions of great beauty and lasting value.

The highest standards of origination and fine art quality reproduction are exercised. Hence heavy grade acid-free papers and light-fast inks are employed, and printing is finished with a clear varnish coat, assuring the lasting value of an irresistible image preserved in all its depth, detail and atmosphere.


Purchasers are advised to instruct framers to use conservation framing techniques, using UV glass (ideally, but not essentially, non-reflective). The choice of coloured mounts (“matts”) and frames are at the discretion of purchasers, while natural dark wood frames with a narrow gold inside edge, and a pale mount with colour-wash lines, are recommended for consideration.

The quality and speed of service is equally important. Orders are acknowledged immediately and usually despatched within 24-48 hours, protected within packing tubes. As printed paper they should not attract the attention of customs officers in overseas destinations, but the tubes can be opened and resealed for inspection without harm.

In the event of any problem or damage in transit, purchasers should immediately advise us so that speedy new arrangements can be made, including where necessary the replacement of a print.


Previous purchasers will know of the printing quality, the fast service and the no-quibble guarantee of safe delivery in perfect condition.


"A cautionary tail ..."

If being copied is the sincerest form of flattery, we take comfort from the unauthorised sellers who from time to time appear with what look like Venaticus Collection prints, but are in fact second generation copies inevitably of a lower standard and which are produced in breach of copyright.

We do what we can to discourage this passing-off, and appeal to purchasers to disregard such abusers and obtain their prints from the original source.



If any owners are in doubt about the authenticity of what they have been offered or may have bought, a check with Venaticus Collection will quickly establish the truth, as a record of where each print sold goes is permanently kept.




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